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If you are looking for GSSA in India then you are at the right place.

MGM Global Air Pvt. Ltd is a General Sales Agent dedicated to the Airline industry, with the focus on Cargo operations, built to expand the resources of companies in need of sales, marketing, expertise and strategic support on a National  and International basis. MGM Global Air Pvt. Ltd, is a diverse and multi-disciplined company.

MGM Global Air Pvt. Ltd., a privately owned company is setting new standards of customer service in India’s airfreight industry by providing a comprehensive range of services and support to the Airline Cargo Industry. Since its inception, MGM Global Air Pvt. Ltd has been governed by its core values of integrity and hard work and provides solutions that are knowledge driven and technology enabled. MGM Global Air Pvt. Ltd has firmly established its market position, and has a committed team with expertise in Air cargo solutions. Our Core Activities are GSA / CSA / Representation for Online and Offline International Airlines in India.

MGM Global Air Pvt. Ltd has a work force comprising of various ex-Airline Professionals. MGM Global Air Pvt. Ltd works on the product right from brand establishment to recognition. We work with our business partners to identify market needs, adapt to the organization and tailor our service to fulfill expectations. The confidence shown by our partners has ensured a smooth startup and perpetual growth for our business.

Our close ties with various government agencies ensure smooth functioning.
High degree of IT support in administration and other departments has resulted efficient operations.

We aim to offer best of worlds, regional competence and transcontinental reach. Our focus on quality and additional level of commitment makes us unique in the Aviation Industry. We are committed to exceed our partner’s expectations with dedicated service and solutions, Exceptional back-office support and Enduring commitment to achieve high Quality level.

We have developed expertise in the field of Air cargo operations in terms of Professional Manpower, Infrastructure and Support Systems. Our knowledge of local market conditions, eye for detail, together with our dedication and commitment to improve service delivery and serving our clients’ needs is what makes us unique.

WE provide products and services that our customers need at :

the Right place

the Right time

the Right price


WE offer :



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